“Nicholle is amazing. She’s one of the few health professionals that actually listens to their patients. The flower essence custom formula really worked especially within the first 3 days. Whenever possible she will be my first go to when dealing with wellness and good health.” -Nigel T.

“I like how Nicholle is calm, centered & confident. She really held space during my Tapping Session. I feel lighter, brighter and less serious about money. ” -Bri B.

I loved Nicholle’s playfulness because it allowed me not to feel shame. I loved her flexibility and lightfuflness which helped me feel calm, at peace, respected and heard.” -Athena W.

“Nicholle has helped me feel resolved and freed from my ancestral roots.” -Teresa R.

“Working with Nicholle was more powerful than I had imagined it would be!” -Susan M.

“I feel uplifted, brighter and more powerful after working with Nicholle. I have faith I can change. Saying that I am worthy of love was really hard to say at first, but Nicholle kept guiding me and holding space for it to now be easy.” -Debbie S.

“I was very numb to everything. Nicholle helped me to address that numbness and feeling so that now I am more hopeful and feel brighter.” -Brandon P.

“I am so grateful I brought my 9 year old daughter to see Nicholle. It allowed her to have someone to talk to in regards to her feelings about our divorce. She said he felt good afterwards.” -Erika F.

“Tapping with Nicholle has made me want more tapping because it does really help you let go of beliefs that are holding you back. I want to tap on other blockages in my life and let them go!” -Adrianne A.

“Being able to talk it out instead of my head really helped me to acknowledge my true feelings and see where they stem from. Nicholle is a wonderful practitioner and I am so happy that she is guiding me towards emotional freedom.” -Robert H.